This is who am i.

not who I am just a blogger from Indonesia who tries to present articles in English to readers...

A little about me is a blogger who started blogging at the end of 2017 At that time I was demanded in my work to promote my product on the internet, little by little I began to study internet marketing and search for articles on blogs about marketing.

After various articles I read next I started to advertise my products on social media both Facebook, Instagram, and Google. At that time I was very routine advertising with social media, yes even though my budget was quite minimal at that time, Usually I spend about 1 million per month for the promotion fee. At that time I also created an online store website at easystore

Short story of mine a few years I worked at the company, I decided to go out after a few months with me like reading about blog articles, I thought about how to make such writing on the internet?

And then I just fad in between my new jobs, I created a blog with blogger platforms And the blogger I wrote with articles about tips on blogs, social media, and internet marketing

Even though I am new to blogging, my blog is still active Although I rarely write and hehe

This blog is a blog with my main blog subdomain.

Here I started trying to make articles in English hehe

Even though you are still learning, it doesn't hurt to keep learning

Visit my blog at www.encepnurdin.id

For business and advertising purposes, please contact me at this blog contact

Thank you

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